Monday, August 10, 2009

Random Thoughts, Trivial Drivel

Fowler's Fakes
Martin serves some food for thought around testing strategies when dealing with remote services. Not super filing but a tasty snack. I'm rarely disappointed when swinging by Fowler's restaurant for some brain food.

What is the Value you are Delivering?
This is a great read. Velocity is not Value. Sometimes I feel as though most people have completely forgotten why they are delivering something. It's not to get done on time or get done within budget or to crank your iteration velocity up. Somebody (hopefully, somebody) has the expectation that what you deliver will provide value to its consumer. If it doesn't, all of the other metrics are meaningless (well, they still have meaning, but only as a cautionary tale).

Wicket Smart
I started playing around with Wicket over the weekend. I like it quite a bit. Love the component-based nature and clean separation of concerns. Especially now with Wicket 1.4: Java 5 based, richly typed, and not backward compatible. And thank the gods of good sense over the demons of appeasement for breaking backward compatibility, just a little bit, in this particular case - hey, don't like it? They'll give you your money back and you can go crawl down your Java 1.4 wormhole back into 2002 :-).

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