Monday, August 10, 2009

Drinking your way to drydock

One of today's areas of focus for me at work is in producing some useful training materials on embedded documentation for software and best practices for java development in our world of concurrency and multi-core systems. The guy that is tying these two disparate ideas together for me this Monday is the esteemed Brian Goetz.

Goetz is a master of caffeinated concurrency, well known in Java circles (as I've written here before, please grab Java Concurrency in Practice at once if you haven't and also catch his InfoQ presentations). Please check out 'Are All Stateful Web Apps Broken?' if you work with Java Web Applications - turns out most of us are deploying these things half blind with our fingers crossed and praying that the gods of concurrency will be kind to us. There is a better way.

It turns out that Mr. Goetz also has a great (though somewhat dated) write-up on best practices of software embedded documentation for java. It was written in 2002 and the JavaDoc tool has been updated a bit since then (for instance, "" didn't exist yet for package-scoped documentation and you had to include a package.html file mixed in with your java). Still, bar-none the best single article I've read on the subject.

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