Monday, August 10, 2009

"He could have had any woman in the world - but none could match the beauty of his own hand - he was not 'master of his domain'"

The goings-on of some 'masters' of their professional domains ...

As usual, some great stuff in the last couple of days posted to InfoQ:
If you don't already indulge, I recommend checking out Sam Pullura's JavaRants. Sam's a bright guy that hangs out at Yahoo these days as Chief Technologist. He was one of the original Weblogic Engineers and apparently made a pile of dough when BEA bought Weblogic back in 1998. He stuck it out for a couple of years at BEA and has since been bouncing around as a technical advisor and angel investor with various startups - slinging Java code from time to time.

Steve Souders is another guy you should check out. He's the creator of YSlow and all around front end engineer extraordinaire. He has jumped ship from Yahoo to Google (they must have some sort of engineering exchange program going on with all the cross pollination between the two). His blog is always entertaining and informative and he's got another book out, similar in style to his first one. Both are useful.

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