Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nothing new under the sun (perhaps I should say "under the oracle")

It's been a month since I've posted here and I sense this Technology Blather feels more than a bit neglected (especially if it's found out how active I've been on the other two non-techie blogs I maintain).  Frankly, I just haven't been feeling all that passionate about the world of technology lately - nothing has really floated my boat and gotten me fired up.   I'm always interested in unique solutions to web-scale capacity and concurrency problems, and data integration sort of falls into that bin for me as well.

I've been piddling around with Erland and Scala around the house and checking out what folks are doing in the world of web and object caching for large-scale distributed systems.  But nothing to write home (or, more specifically, to write here) about.

Gregor had an interesting post just a bit ago.  Gregor doesn't post on his blog a whole lot, but when he does, it's always worth reading.

Ted Dziuba is entertaining as always and introduced late last month.

Dan North talks about two of my favorite software development approaches (one pattern based and the other process based) and shows how they are in so many ways very much made for one another.

But none of this is new under the sun - all of it is great but nothing earth shattering.  I'm hoping for good things come 2010 ...

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