Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blogs with your Eggnog

I just love reading Ted Dziuba's blog.  The guy has a way with words and to top it off, a wonderfully cynical sense of humor.  The latest post goes over his method for spotting engineering talent.  Specifically, how he determines who is and isn't a valuable engineer (his formula is valuable = smart + productive + battle-tested).  He gleans the most information by figuring out what pisses the candidate off.  Particularly if it's some piece of a technology that they otherwise enjoy.   Good stuff.

Another of my favorites from the blogosphere is Kitchen Soap, an operations focused missive which subscribes to the development/ops (Dev/Ops) philosophy (sadly, it's a philosophy that is a long ways from catching on in most corporate IT departments).

Nutrun (gotta love it for the name alone) is another I've been perusing of late, especially the post related to incremental deployment, since large scale deployment with lots of moving parts has been an increasing interest of mine.

I see Spring 3.0 went final.  I still think Spring rocks, but there is increasing grumbling that the lightweight rebel who helped depose the bloated, self-satisfied Java EE king is itself getting a little bloated and self-satisfied (maybe there's some fear regarding SpringSource's new VMWare master and what it'll do to the technology).  Meanwhile, Java EE 6 has come out after a good while in the gym looking much more fit and useable again. Perhaps ready for another run at the crown?  Maybe.  I wouldn't go quite so far myself just yet.  Like I said, I still think Spring rocks.

Speaking of Spring, I can't wait for it to get here - already sick of snow not even two days into winter ...

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