Sunday, May 30, 2010

Deck Lifting

I'm cutting code on the deck and recovering from a wicked sunburn. I know better than to venture outdoors without SPF 10000 plastered head to toe or a space suit. But apparently not better enough. I'm attempting to learn the lift framework by knocking out a pet store (hey, I'm relatively old school). All part of my year-long scalification. Lift is a nice web framework, not that we needed another to choose from. I wouldn't pick it to use for a real world app, probably, but it suits my immediate needs. It seems that even with all the fancy frameworks and increasing choice of languages, the LAMP stack still rules for large scale web apps, at least on the front end. As it should be, though I personally haven't, living mostly in the world of enterprisey applications, except for the past three years when the large scale ecommerce platform I was a part of was Flash, JavaScript and Spring MVC. Now I'm in the telecomm world and it's Flash/Flex and Spring MVC. I try my best to stay out of the front end's hair for the most part (I'm not very good at it and prefer integration and backend server side challenges. Which is where Scala shines. So why then Lift? First, it's well put together. I'm always a sucker for well architected frameworks, whatever layer they serve. Second, it provides a means by which a great deal of the language can be exercised in interesting ways.

So, gotta get back to my light lifting. And hiding from that evil sun.

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